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A Brinner Tablescape - Charlotte Transferware

I hope you all enjoyed hearing a bit from Shawn yesterday.  I had to sweet talk him into sharing the Swedish Pancake recipe.  We got so hungry for them reading the post before publishing it that we've decided to have Brinner again sometime this weekend.  I'm craving buttermilk griddle cakes with butter pecan syrup.  Mmm, does that sound tasty! Last week, we had Shawn's Mom, Dad and Michael over for a big breakfast for dinner, aka Brinner, at our house. Sausage, bacon, scrambled cheese eggs and the star of the meal - Swedish pancakes.  A couple of times a year his Dad calls him up and drops a not so subtle hint that he and Judy (Shawn's Mom) are ready for Swedish pancakes and of course we're always happy to take the hint and invite them over to share one of the Roberts' families all time favorites.  Until I met Shawn, I'd never heard of Swedish pancakes. They were not well known of in this part of the country whereas in the Midwest, they are relativ

Swedish Pancakes - A Guest Post from my Hubby

Howdy all!  Nancy's better-half (Shawn) here,  Nancy's asked me to share one of my favorite recipes with you and I've agreed with some reluctance.   I make these a few times a year, mostly at the request of my parents, and always on Christmas morning when Nancy makes her  Canadian Bacon Casserole . On one side I'm a total foodie and love to share recipes.  On the other side is something I inherited from my Grandmother Florence Roberts, which makes me want to hide my favorites away like some cherished treasure never to be shared with anyone under any circumstances, including my passing.  Swedish pancakes are one of those that are just that good. I got to spend half a decade in Rockford, IL during my formative years.   There are three things that left an indelible impression on me from my time in Rockford.  The Great Recession of the early 80's, the rock band  Cheap Trick  and Swedish pancakes. Rockford is one of those blue-collar towns full of h