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The Hunt ~ J F Herring ~ Spode Tablescape

I'm baaaaaack!  And I'm back with a rustic, hunt scene table setting. The black transferware plates I've used in this setting are part of the Hunt series from Spode Copeland featuring the works of J F Herring, aka The Artist Coachmen, which the Copelands commissioned themselves.   Each plate has a different, titled scene depicting the various stages of the hunt beginning with 'The Meet' and ending with 'The Death'. Originally I was going to pair the plates with a tartan of some sort, a riding hat and whip but then I changed my mind as I started putting it together.  I thought brown and black, warm and rustic, romantic and rugged, Fall turning to Winter (pinecones and pheasant feathers meet pine needles and holly...I did this table at the end of November) mostly masculine but a touch of feminism (lace napkins do that trick).   So, what you see is what I came up with. Each plate rests on a placemat made of real pheasant feat