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Displaying Advertising Transferware in the Kitchen & Family News

 When we first walked through this house immediately I imagined using the portion of the kitchen with glass front cabinets for displaying my advertising transferware .    This house has so many little nooks and crannies which suit my decorating style perfectly because I have always loved creating little vignettes, displaying various collections here and there. These cabinets were the first thing I organized (well, the first thing I organized that was mostly for decorative purposes!), and now that they've been here a few weeks I'm tweaking them a little here and there but overall this is how they'll stay for awhile. Notice the latest addition to my collection below?  Over on the left, you can spy it there in the back. It is a rare, unique bank personalized with an awesome name on it =) and dated 1929.  This piece was probably given as a gift or reward of achievement to a child as this was a common practice in Victorian England.    I saw this pi