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Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Hats

A few days ago I posted some pics of my bed HERE with a small collection of straw hats over the headboard and promised to show you all some other photos with great ideas for displaying a small, or large for that matter, collection of hats.  I found some really charming images and great display ideas to share. First up is a display I was immediately drawn to.  I love the various levels of items here from a mirror over the hats hanging on a long board to the landscapes below.  Check out the tortoise on the table next to the vase of flowers. Wow!  Love this whole arrangement. What a dressing area! source I love this display below, but even more than the hat display I LOVE that walking stick gathering basket you see propped up in the corner.  I've wanted one of those for the longest time but seldom see them.  They are made to stick in the ground while you take your flower cuttings.  Isn't it cute?  This disiplay would be so easy to recreate.  Don't

Royal Staffordshire Waterfall Tablescape

I seldom come across this pattern and when I do it is usually a piece here or there so when I found a 12 piece place setting for four I decided I'd use it in a tablescape. The pattern is Waterfall (also called Peaceful Summer) by Royal Staffordshire.  Each piece has a slightly different scene consisting of beautiful waterfalls and most with the ruins of an English Abbey in the background.   10" dinner plate 8" salad plate 6" side / bread plate Oval Vegetable Bowl The scenes are so serene, so tranquil.  I'd love to be near these places in person.  Such beautiful scenery. I just love the way the florals and scrolls are intertwined and seem to blend into and become part of the scene along the bottom of each plate.   I mixed real Angel Ivy with white silk roses, English ivy and a grapevine birds nest and topped it all with a wire cloche as the centerpiece.   Sheer, windowpane checked napkins were placed at a

Hats Over Head

 The past few homes I've lived in, I have had high ceilings and created an arch of purple transferware platters over my bed that extends outside of the posters.  In this house, the bedroom has vaulted ceilings which also are high but they begin to angle upwards just a few inches below the top of my bed posts.   I did not have room to create a huge arch over and around the bed.  The walls are dark brown with a hint of aubergine to them so I decided that something light against the walls might be a fun change. Straw or woven hats add warmth, texture, light (against my dark walls) and a little personality punch as well.   I would love to find an old hat rack to hang them from, but for now they are hanging by little nails hammered through the weave of the hats so as not to damage them.   Hats are inexpensive decor.  I had a some of mine already but picked up a couple more at Ross for less than $8 a piece.  I've seen some at other stores like T J Maxx as well.  T