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NOT for Gravy! The Bourdaloue

I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day.  I just had some minor surgery on Tuesday so I wasn't up to going out.  Shawn and I stayed home with Ashton and the three of us had a candlelight dinner together.  Trevor is working at a local ice cream shop so he was busy working and Kalyn, poor, boy-friendless Kalyn, who is also currently grounded, sent us a text yesterday afternoon pleading to let her "have one night off to go to dinner with some of her single friends while those in love celebrate"?   We totally caved and let her go.    Last month, my sister had told me that she's been hooked on watching Downton Abbey.  I have to admit, I watch so little tv that I didn't even know about Downton Abbey until she told me about it!  Since then, I've been nagging Shawn for us to watch it together.   So after dinner last night, we decided to start watching the series on Netflix so that we could start with the first episode.   We have been missing out is all I c

A Special Valentines Day Poem~

As far as I'm concerned, there is no poet more romantic than Petrarch... except for the one I married...who wrote the following to me as a gift one year... You are my air Essential, yet often unappreciated Vital to my life, yet often taken advantage of... You are my mountains Strong and standing regardless of time It's not just that you have stood with and for me It's that so often you've been the one holding me up... You are my water Rivers filled with tears shed for me Oceans filled with fears for me Water that's replenished me Running through me, washing me... you are my flowers, my life's bouquet Gentle, colorful, naturally beautiful Coloring my world that was black before I knew you Making life smell wonderful with scents of love and passion... You are my underserved consequence The sum of all the good things I've always meant to do, but haven't My reward for things I haven't earned My motivation for improving...

Pretty Transferware Plates for Valentines Day

I'm sorry I haven't posted in several weeks.   I have been super busy, business-wise, which I'm very thankful for, but have also had a whole gamut of other things going on in my life,  including some health issues that have kept me feeling fatigued for some time. Tomorrow morning I am having a minor surgery which should hopefully diagnose what's going on with me but I'm not sure how much I'll be posting over the next few months....even though I have  tons I want to post about!  I have missed blogging and my blogging friends sooooo much. With Valentines   Day fast approaching, I could not resist showing this sweet little plate of which I happen to have a pair of in my red transferware collection.    You know I love just about anything with a bird motif'  This plate is from the Aesthetic Movement and combines asymmetry which was such a popular theme of the designs of that period but it also combines the sweetness of the Victorian era too. The