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Spode Byron Tea and Coffee Buffet

Last Thursday I posted a tablescape using Spode Byron which you can view HERE .  I set up the buffet for coffee, tea and dessert.  Grab a cup and pull up a chair.      Each piece depicts a different view of rural, English country life.  These flatware holders are perfect to hold small tea spoons and forks.  The fabric these are made of is the same fabric that I had custom valances for the shop made from.  The scenes are perfect with that of the Byron dishes.  I didn't realize this when I chose the fabric.  Aren't they cute?  Heidi, at Green Onion Designs make these flatware holders in different fabrics...or your own.   The flatware  tips are embellished with little teapots...too cute.  This is a large charger or chop plate which I rested on a vintage amber cake pedestal to give it a little height.  I love the scene on this piece.  It is called Pet of the Common by J C Horsley and depicts three children in a field, one holding a baby donkey.  “ I am so fond of tea that

Custom Valances for the Shop

This is the back room of our store...there are no windows at all so it's a bit dark.  We get a tiny bit of light coming through the doorways that open to the main, front room of the shop.   I wanted the area to have a home-like feel so custom valances were made by Green Onion Designs to go over the doorways.  Heidi is the owner of this store and made me these gorgeous Trumpet Valances in a fabric called Guilliano.  It reminds me so much of my Spode Byron dishes (my previous post features these) with pastoral, country life scenes, thatched cottages and the overall color scheme.  I was waiting for the valances to arrive before painting this wall. I already had the gold colored paint on hand and it turns out it was a perfect match for the valances.  I've been in such a state of 'hurry' the past few weeks that I forgot to take any before pictures of this wall, but suffice it to say, it looked much like the other 'before' pics of walls I've shown you around t