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George Phillips Park Scenery

This plate recently arrived and I couldn't wait to take pictures.  Bordered with rosebuds the scene depicts deer and cattle.  It dates to 1834 and was produced in Longport by G. Phillips. The Phillips pottery was founded by 22 and 20 year old brothers, Edward and George Phillips, in 1822. One of the brothers, Edward, was married to Benedicta Wedgwood, who had become the ward of Josiah Wedgwood after the death of her father, Thomas, of the Overhouse Works. The brothers leased the New Bridge pottery in Longport (part of Burslem) which had been vacant since 1817.  It was superbly located on the Trent and Mersey Canal.   The older brother, Edward, was   said to have been very optimistic   about the possibilities of exporting their wares to America as other potters nearby were already involved with trade to America.  In September 1831, he along with his wife and children were on their way to America when t ragedy struck and Edward was killed in a carriage accident.   H