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Parmesan Crisps & Homemade Croutons

At our house, when anything we bake is topped with cheese and inevitably some of it falls overboard onto the pan becoming all golden brown and have to be fast, and efficient with a spatula,  if you want to scrape all that goodness up and claim it for yourself. This ritual is akin to the 'lick the bowl' syndrome which occurs frequently at the Robertses, but it's cheese that gets left behind instead, but not for long.   That's what Parmesan Crisps remind me of, though they are easier on they eyes.  B elying their presentation is the simplicity in making them.  Apparently they reminded Michael, Ethan, Bryan (not our kid but might as well be & we claim him), Jonah, Kalyn, Trevor and Ashton of the 'cheese drips' to because I consistently found myself repeating, "eat another bite and you will not live to tell about it".   They were to be served with dinner, after all.  Beautiful garnishes.  On our salads.  As salad crowns. With my homemade c

1980's Brass Light Fixtures Get a Seashell Makeover

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July. Shawn and I had dinner with Michael and Ethan.  As I mentioned, our youngest four are at camp this week so Shawn and I have had the house all to ourselves.  I have gotten so much done, including make-ing over these light fixtures.  The bathroom, besides being unbelievably filthy, when we found the house, had a 1980's era striped, red, blue and white stripes with tan dots on the white.  It wasn't completely horrible, but it was really dirty (beyond being able to be washed away) and just looked very outdated.  I got rid of the paper and finished painting the bathroom but the bright brass light fixtures needed a change.  I DON'T like the shiny brass finish....and since I couldn't afford to replace the lights  (even it this were my house, and not a rental) and since the landlord has given me free reign to do what I wish here, I decided to give these a little makeover.   Not only were the fixtures bright bra

Easy Wreath for Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Shawn and I just dropped our youngest four kids off for Church camp.  They'll be gone until Saturday so, yippee, we are celebrating Independence in two ways today! ;-)  We are looking forward to relaxing and spending some time together.  I've talked him into taking me junkin' tomorrow and I'm working around the house.  I have several jobs I want to get done this week, while the kids are away.  One of them is to finish putting an enamel epoxy on the kitchen sink.  I don't know if you remember it, but it was really disgusting. Pic here  (it's the third one down).  The sink cleaned up some but is badly stained and has several chips in the enamel.  I've fixed two already but I'm going to re-coat the entire sink.  Even if I mess up, it can't look any worse than it did.  It's hard to try to do something like that with a large houseful of people where the kitchen sink seems to be in constant use.  I need to let the epoxy dry betwee