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Showing posts from September 30, 2012

The Big News is.....

 I am no less than amazed by the sheer volume of support, kindness and compassion shown me by your numerous comments and  emails sent my way since posting about why I really began selling transferware yesterday and sharing some of the hardships my family has endured.  Thank you so very much.   I am richly blessed to be in the company of so many wonderful individuals, some of you living in the same city as I and some of you residing in other countries altogether.  wow, Wow, WOW!!! So, did I leave you with a cliffhanger yesterday?  I suppose that if you are here now then perhaps I did.    Thanks for coming back because now  I am ready to share my exciting news along with the details of a particular phone call that I've mentioned in my last two or three posts. Two and a half weeks ago I received a completely unsolicited and  unexpected email from Beth Levison.    Beth wrote to me that she had stumbled upon my Etsy shop and "was immediately intrigued".

Back To The Beginning: Why I Really Started Selling Transferware

Two weeks ago today I had an amazing conversation with an Emmy and Peabody award winning  film maker who asked me how and why I began selling transferware. I answered the question truthfully but later thought about the fact that right here, on my blog, I have intentionally avoided sharing with you all exactly what it was that lead me to dealing in English transferware.  It has bothered me ever since my first blog post and is something that I have constantly battled with inwardly: whether or not I wanted to share this part of my life.  I have told myself that my blog would be the one thing that I would always maintain as a positive in my life.  But the reality of life is that all of life is not positive.   The plain jane truth is that I've been afraid to let it all out because I am afraid of what you will think.  Perhaps a due result of my quietness in demeanor, my shyness in nature or my unfortunate lack of self confidence I have let my fear of "what people will t

Harvest Time Tablescape and Reflecting

I have been reflecting a lot lately, about my life, about my business, about things in much so that I have been working all day on a post about those things and about the 'big news' I mentioned last week.  I've had to take a few cry breaks along the way and  because of that I have not finished writing that post.  Almost done though.  So, in the meantime,  I have decided to revisit my early blogging days and share this table again.  I know, I know,  this is two weeks in a row that I've posted an old tablescape.  I'm sorry.  Hit me...hahaha you can't reach!    This table is so old though that I bet most of you  don't even remember seeing it and if you're fairly new here then you probably never saw it at all. I hope you like it. The pattern is Harvest Time; a pretty,  fruit themed brown transferware pattern with a mix of apple green and burgundy/red hand painted touches.  It's by Johnson Brothers and I've got a lot of it in my