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Taste of Home Magazine Cover, Yummy Recipes, Thanksgiving Transferware

I have a few minutes this morning before an important meeting and wanted to show you the current issue of Taste of Home Magazine…and not just because they bought the gorgeous transferware platter from me that graces the cover, but because there are some of the best sounding recipes in this issue.    I have dog eared several recipes that I must try. Maple Walnut Cake is one of them.  I often try to make at least one dessert each Thanksgiving that I've not made before.  As soon as I saw this, I decided this would be it! Doesn't it look scrumptious? The folks at Readers Digest (of which Taste of Home is a division of) also rented the Spode turkey platter shown in the first picture for a photo shoot, and that I told you the amazing story of in my last post.  There is still time to get this before Thanksgiving but you'll need to order quick. Thanks so much for everyone who's been visiting my shop since I've moved to my own domain:  Nancys

Amazing Transferware Finds for Thanksgiving and My New Website!!!

A couple of weeks ago I told you that I had some killer transferware I wanted to share…well…guess what transferware treasures I have found?   From England to the long gone Copeland & Thompson, Inc. store  at 206 Fifth Avenue  (owned by Sydney Thompson, the sole agent in the United States for Spode at the time), to a buyer in New York to a barn in Connecticut and now to me at  Nancy's Daily Dish   in Tulsa, Oklahoma and just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving, is this mint and unused, circa 1930's  Copeland Spode Game Birds  Turkey Platter  in it's original box… …complete with straw packing material, original shipping label and Spode logo! BUT WAIT…that's not all….if you order in the next 15 minutes we will include the straw at no additional charge…oh wait that's the Shamwow commercial… …but seriously, there are 12 matching dinner plates, each depicting its own unique game bird. Circa 1930's Unused 13 piece Spode Copela