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Showing posts from April 13, 2014

House Update and a HUGE sale!

Hi everyone!  The past few weeks have been unusually busy.  We are moved into our new house but nowhere near being settled in yet, though I'm having fun trying to do just that.   The first things we did were try to move the transferware over  and get the garage set up to house it all.  This picture shows the beginnings of getting our shelving units set up. There will be 3-4 double rows, 4 shelves deep.  Beyond the door, in the back right corner, in the photo below is the fourth garage which is set up perfectly for our packing and receiving station. It has built in cabinetry and storage that runs the length of the garage.  The space is heated which will be nice during the Winters.    The 4th garage, shown below, has a workbench area built in with four or five French doors that open to a covered patio and the back yard. Yep, the glass is dirty and needs some cleaning.  Two of my nephews and my Mother in law came over a couple of weeks ago and washed a