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Stable to Workshop to Garage to Blue Transferware Dining Room & Almondina Cookie Giveaway!

Once upon a time there was a bungalow in the Berkeley flats that had behind it a stable which was constructed at the turn of the century.  From one owner to another and years upon years the stable was converted into a workshop and then to a car garage.  The structure  never dreamed it would one day be more than used for housing animals  then tools and then cars but it would be.  Someday, a dreamers dream would come to fruition and give the once stable a fairytale worthy existence.  Step into this once neglected building given new life as a pink cottage dining room filled with blue transferware and chinoiserie and you will want to linger for as long as possible.  This cottage style dining room was featured in House Beautiful  7 or 8 years ago.  The owner converted a stand alone garage in her back yard into a china lovers and interior design enthusiasts dining oasis!    Filled with blue transferware, flea market finds and heirloom furniture all painted white, it is th

An Apple Unpicked - Fall Tablescape & Giveaway

    I think that many people favor the time of year they were born and if that's the case, then it makes perfect sense that Fall should be my favorite season.  It is. I have posted this table in the past but it remains one of my favorites and  hints at my favorite season to come, which is Fall.  I can't wait for cooler weather and to listen to the wind rustling in the trees!  Wouldn't this be a great table set inside a big red barn with hay scattered all over the floor or hay bales as seats with the doors opened on either end, or even out in an apple orchard?  Speaking of apple orchards, you can read my depressing apple poem at the end of this post.  I wrote it in my mind while on a tractor ride through an apple orchard with, I think, Kalyn's kindergarten class many years ago.   A big strip of burlap fabric makes a super simple and rustic long runner for the table.  It sets the whole mood of 'casual'.  I have set many tables with