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Showing posts from September 26, 2010

Transferware, meet Topiary

I've been busy this weekend making use of some of my transfer ware pieces with minor flaws and imperfections which make them unsaleable but still too nice to toss.  I can't stand to throw things out.   I've turned cups, sugar bowls and pitchers into transferware topiaries. This Masons pitcher had a cracked handle. This old stein has a chip on the inside rim but you'd never know it now.   Below is a Wedgwood childs coffee pot which has no lid   Here's an open sugar bowl in the Tonquin pattern which has a small rim chip.  It's the smallest of the topiaries I made, standing about 8" high.  The Spanish moss completely disguised the flaw.   I tied a sheer striped blue, brown and white ribbon around the base of the ball on this one and added speckled blue eggs in the moss.   The double decker topiary below is made from a teacup whose handle was broken off.  To disguise the break I added bows on each side which concealed the dam