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So, you think you know the whole orign of transferware story?

Welcome to Sunday Favorites. This is my first time participating. I love the idea! Chari at Happy To Design is holding a giveaway in celebration of one year of Sunday Favorites. You can enter my Giveaway HERE Although John Brooks, an Irish engraver is credited with having the first patent for the transferware printing technique in 1751, it was John Sadler and Guy Green of Liverpool, who independently discovered  the process, who are credited with perfecting the technique in 1756. If you’re a transferware buff, you may already have known this as the names John Sadler and Guy Green are often associated with the early onset of transfer printing. However, did you know just how Sadler and Green came up with the idea? Do you know their history? I bet you’d be amazed to know that Benjamin Franklin made claims to having his finger in the inventive pie of the transfer printing process. Interested? Well, read on. John Sadler was the son of Adam Sadler. Adam found himself interested in t

Pink Paisley ~ Transferware, Pillows & History

Reminder:  GIVEAWAY ends in a few days.  Enter HERE  I've always liked most anything with a Paisley design. For Pink Saturday, I'm sharing a little about Paisley.  Did you know that the name given to the widely recognizable print comes from the town in Scotland from which it received its name? The modern name comes from the town that produced the design the most, that of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The Paisley pattern can be traced back to India in the first half of the 17th century where the East India Company produced the designs. It was during the 19th century that the production increased after soldiers returning from the colonies brought home with them wool shawls from India.  I found some pretty pinks with Paisley Designs for Pink Saturday. First I am sharing the new pillow covers I got at Swoon Studio , an Etsy shop specializing in hand made pillow covers.  I saw these and loved the muted olives, taupes and pinks.  They just arrived today and I love my

Dreaming of Lighted Pot Racks

I just discovered this CSN website with the hugest selection of lighting accessories I think I've ever seen.  My sister says I have more lamps in my house than anyone she's ever known.  I can't help it.  I'm a light-a-lamp-o-holic. When I wake up in the morning I turn on just about all the lights, or should I say the lamps, throughout my house. Shawn and I put a little pub table in our kitchen that serves as extra space for food preparation.  We'd like to put a pot rack over it but need extra lighting there as well. I found these pot racks with lights at this site and fell in love with a few of them.  I love this Olde World Styled Chandelier .  I love that the lights look like candles.  I don't think you can go wrong with anything that has an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish!  Isn't this gorgeous? And another lighted pot rack to dream about is this one in a finish called Kentucky Bronze .  It looks like it's hammered.  Love this too.... Maybe I'll be

Gourmet Cookies and a Giveaway

 Deservedly given the nickname, 'The Candy Queen' as a child I think that means I'm officially qualified to know if a sweet is really 'sweet' or not.  Today I discovered my favorite fact three of my favorite cookies and they are so sa-weet!    I ordered some cookies from Sweet Cheeks Bakery a few days ago and today they arrived at my door via Priority Mail.  Although I could easily NOT have shared these with the kids, I did.    I served them up on my tea cart in the dining room with some of my Masons Vista red tranferware pieces. Sarah  at Sweet Cheeks Bakery seals her cookies in airtight packaging so they arrive super fresh.  This is my first time ordering baked goods online...I am so impressed.  These are truly some of the best cookies I've had.  My favorite was called Lemon Limerific ...a delicate, buttery shortbread cookie iced with a tangy sweet lemon lime glaze infused with sugar.  I never thought I'd discover my favorite cookie in my

Myott Transferware ~ A brief history and a tablescape

Myott, Son & Co. Ltd., an earthenware producing factory operated originally from the Alexander Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the North of England. It was established in 1898 and run by two brothers,  Ashley and Sydney Myott.  With growing demand for their wares, the company expanded and moved to the Brownfield's Works in Cobridge, which is North of Stoke-on-Trent.  By 1925 they had extended the operation to the adjacent Upper Hanley Pottery.  Myott began producing hand painted Art Deco wares of which the varied range of pitchers and vases were in high demand.   Many of these pieces survive today suggesting that output was extensive.  These Deco pieces display the famous gold Myott crown mark on the base. White ware was produced for the Cunard shipping company with the provision of cubist style tea sets. Until recent years, the history of the Myott Pottery at Stoke and Cobridge has been somewhat mysterious due to a fire taking place in 1949 whi