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Why People Are Stopping At My House to Take Pictures

It's not all the work we've put into this house that is causing drivers by to stop and take pictures.  I wish I were telling of our immaculately landscaped yard where a plethora of flowers bloom and a lush, green lawn grows that makes one pause to behold its beauty and thus feel the need to stop and take pictures. No, that's not quite the story I have to tell.  It's because Michael's car was totaled night before last, and now sits in our driveway, that people are doing double takes and even coming back by to take photos at our house! I have joked a bit on my blog about my being OCD, but the truth is that I am.  So, I have to play everything out in my mind and try to analyze certain situations so that I can better understand them.  I need for things to make sense.  It amazes me that Michael and Ethan had just headed home in our car and left Michael's car at our house, parked in the street.   Normally, Michael and Ethan come by the house and carpool with Sh

Veal, Chicken, & Shrimp in a Cognac Cream Sauce over Homemade Pasta

Shawn made this for Ashton, Trevor and me a couple of weeks ago, after he'd come home from the restaraunt.   We all loved it and have anxiously been awaiting him to make it for us ever since.  It is absolutely delicious and will most likely be on the restaurant menu soon.  I wasn't even sure what to call it and came up with the title quickly.  Any suggestions?  Or, does what I have sound okay?   Veal, Chicken & Shrimp in a Cognac Cream Sauce Shawn makes homemade pasta.  There's just nothing better than from scratch pasta!  The taste, the texture, they just cannot be compared to that of packaged pasta. He began with fresh shrimp, veal and chicken.  He split the chicken breasts and then pounded out both chicken and veal. The chicken and veal were both dredged in a little flour  and then put into a heated skillet with a couple tablespoons of olive oil Once the chicken and veal had cooked on one side, Shawn added the shrimp (large shrimp with tails on), fresh mushro

Red Roses Transferware Tablescape

Love, Like Flowers Seasons have come and gone with each having a glory, And my lips smile sweetly as never before, As I'm reminded again of my flower story, While watching Spring's beauty come on once more. Flowers were wilting as if by foregone conclusion When the somber tones in his words did murmur, Of our love being just a romantic illusion, Then left my heart breaking on boughs of summer. With the close of those days my heart shut its door. I listened not to futures vague rhymes or reason. His love had vanished like others who came before, So, for me, love was always just a season. Like those wilting flowers for which life ended too soon, I'd wished for some firm roots that could live on and on. I'd wanted love's flower that grows more with each bloom, Not those that died ere their season was gone. Then after three Falls and Summers, and lonely Winters, That were missing of love and all it might be, I opened my heart's door and removed dull splinters

Shabby Beach Cottage Bathroom Reveal

Check this room off the list. Lets first take a look at the before photos of the bathroom.  You can see the post HERE that shows more of how filthy this house was when we found it.   The floor above was regrouted and some of the broken tiles were replaced. Besides obviously needing to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, which was the first thing Kalyn and I did, the second thing was to take the doors off the vanity.  One was already broken partially off and missing,  and one was hanging by a single latch.    Next I sanded down some of the areas that were badly chipped and painted the cabinets Table Linen White.  I'm using this on the woordwork throughout the house.  I found  these Lowes Promotional Codes which helped save money on my mini bathroom remodel. I installed tension rods underneath the cabinets and opted to hang sand colored tiers in the back and some Heritage lace tiers (from our first home!) in front, doing away with the doo