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First Dessert of the Season: Pumpkin Crisp

I wake up during the night quite a bit, and after rolling around for 15 or so minutes trying to get back to sleep I usually give in,   reach to the bedside, pull my phone off the charger and begin catching up on the news, looking up information on lots of things I'm interested in, catch up on one or all of the several games of 'Words' my Dad and I have had ongoing for months and read emails. Or I look at food.   A few nights ago I wound up reading recipes and bookmarked 5 pumpkin recipes I hope to try this season.   I've now got one down, four to go and I hope the others live up to being as good as this one did!  It's a keeper, winner,  gonna make it again soon - like this weekend soon (for my own birthday lol) and maybe for Thanksgiving too.  It's that good!  And, it's super easy.  It is a simple concoction of  creamy spiced pumpkin, butter crumb topping and crunchy pecans.    I found the recipe on Southern Living (by the w

Tartan Tidbits ~ Pocket Books

Shawn and I have been married for 29 years!  How many 47 year olds can say that?   We didn't make a big to do out of celebrating, but instead we chose to have a relaxing weekend free of work.  I stayed off the computer all weekend (well, for the most part!) and we leisured about, ate out a few times and spent Friday and Saturday antiquing at some of our favorite antique shops and malls in small towns around Tulsa.   When I say antiquing, I really mean I bought stuff to resale!  =)   I can't help it.  I find things that I love but I really don't need to add one more thing to my own collections so instead I buy them for those of you who like what I like.   Sometimes though, I keep some of the pieces in the house until they sell.  This Herme's plate is one such find.    I spotted this as I was looking at a single piece of purple transferware I'd eyed from a couple of booths away!  I bought the purple piece too, in case you're wondering.  It's a cigar