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Showing posts from February 7, 2016

I LOVE to break hearts, and so will you! Giant Homemade Heart Croutons!

Breaking hearts has never felt so good or tasted any better.  I have broken a few hearts in my time, and as of late, I devour them like a fiend.  You will too, I guarantee it, once you make these homemade, butter drenched,  crunchy toasted croutons. There used to be a restaurant here in Tulsa called The Green Onion.  Shawn and I ate there all the time and one of the many things we liked were the croutons they put on the salad.  Instead of a few croutons tossed over the greens, they served two large croutons, sliced off of a baguette.  There was something fun about crumbling them over my salad, but what I enjoyed the most was just eating them as they came.   Isn't it funny that many fond memories come from the enjoyment of food?   For Valentines Day (and don't forget to tune in later for my  ♥Day   tablescape later tonight), I decided to change  up the croutons and give a nod to the Green Onion for serving up some yummy meals and memories,  by making huge croutons in t