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Easter Table with Lavender Transferware & Rhinestone Jewelry

When one procrastinates, one posts a 2 year old Easter tablescape!  I posted this under the name Bejeweled Butterflies about two years ago.  I do plan to do another Easter table but I have procrastinated for two weeks about what dishes to use so there two sets of them  still sit on my dining room table.  I have made progress though, as I bought some ornaments I plan to convert to napkin rings holders and use at my Easter table.  I think that's progress anyway. I bought this vintage, ivory colored Chenille bedspread I found at a thrift shop for $5 and used it as a tablecloth.  Man, I wish I had this still or that I'd be lucky enough to find another one in such pristine condition for 5 bucks.  That doesn't seem to happen to me too often though.  It's so cute with pom-pom trim that I had to pull the chairs away from the table to show this to you.   Cute, huh? If you've tuned in to any of my tablescapes you know I'm into layering fabrics and s