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Transferware Designs & Styles

  Time is running out to enter my $100 gift certificate GIVEAWAY  HERE . Ends 4/11  The first transferware designs of the late 18th and very early 19th centuries were copied from hand painted blue and white Chinese export porcelains depicting scenes and motifs of an Oriental nature, such as the Blue Willow pattern .   Transferware designs were later copied from manuscripts and prints. Early Staffordshire Blue Willow Platter Around 1820, as tastes changed, the subject matter on transfer ware was anglicized and began showing bucolic and pastoral English scenes of country life.  Cattle and sheep were popular themes as were castles and Abbey ruins.  Some depicted women in period clothing with parasols and suitors at their side in gardens or gazebos.  This is often referred to as Romantic style transferware. circa 1825-30 Romantic Platter entitled Scroll Spode Ruins British Views & Historical scenes soon followed Circa 182 Hicks & Meigh drainer Pattern, British

Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan

Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE for a $100 gift certificate!  Hurry....Ends Sunday 4/11 Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan Prepare yourself for some comfy, drippin' with buttery goodness, down' home deliciousness! 8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 16-24 tenders (I used tenders here) 3/4 cup milk 2 eggs I just eyeball this...I never measure it exactly  3/4 cup flour 1 cup canned, grated parmesan cheese 1/2 - 1 tbsp paprika  1 stick melted butter...sometimes 1 1/ depends on my need to quench my butter pangs...hehe Directions: Whisk milk and eggs in bowl.  Set aside.  Stir flour, parmesan and paprika in bowl.  Set aside Dip chicken in milk mixture and then in flour mixture Do it again Place in baking dish one next to the other Pour melted butter on top and bake at 300° for about an hour (don't worry about completely covering the chicken in butter) I usually serve this with fresh green beans cooked and seasoned with bacon and a little onion, chicke

Pining for Colorado

I am an Okie from Muskogee. Just like Merle Haggard says in the song.  I've lived in Oklahoma all my life, well almost.  Several years ago, Shawn and I talked it over with our children and we all decided to pack up and move to Colorado.  Shawn is a mountain boy at heart, having grown up in Idaho and I just loved the mountains.  We decided we wanted to give it a try lest we should grow old and regret never doing something we'd long talked about.  We wanted to experience the numerous outdoor activities and natural beauty Colorado offers.  And we did.  We spent weekends on long drives, visited National parks, hiking, exploring and with the long ski season we were at Breckenridge every weekend skiing and snowboarding our hearts out.   As I look back now, it seems as if it were a year long vacation, a dream, a very pleasant dream.  One I try to dream of often. Today I'm sharing just a few photos from our year in Colorado.  So sadly many of our photos we had stored on one of our

Tea with my favorite transferware pattern and my 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!

A new week, a new teascape and a new thing for me to my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!  How about I give away, hmmm. ummm, let me think, uh, well...let's just say $100 gift certificate to English Transferware , my Etsy shop?  Sound good?  Well check the details at bottom of the post because you can submit several entries...just follow the simple rules!  This week I'm linking up with some of my favorite tea and table memes.  I'm featuring my very favorite transferware pattern.  It's by Spode and called Byron.  If any of you have read my first post I wrote about how I started collecting and then selling transferware.  As my collection was growing and I was on the lookout for pieces to trade up to, buy and sell I ran across a platter in this pattern.  It was one of those things where I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It was on an Ebay auction and I was bound and determine to win...and I did!  I bought my first piece in this pattern from someone in Australia, and often I still