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Showing posts from August 14, 2011

Ridgways Polychrome Blue Transferware Tablescape

My table tonight features a pattern by Ridgway called Plymouth .  It's a cheery blue transfer with a colorful floral bouquet. As you all know, I love to layer things so I first covered the table with two red floral drapery panels to create a large covering.  Over that I added a vintage Portuguese tablecloth with cross stitch flowers that tie in with the dishes.      I like layering napkins to...vintage with new.  The white lace were my Mom's and the blue are new.   The floral  napkin rings are made of fabric.  The blue goblets are Fostoria. Shawn's Mom gave us a set of these about 20 years ago.  The clear bubble glass tumblers are new.  You can buy them 12 to a box at Walmart for about $9.  I like the old fashioned look. I like the brown version of this pattern equally to the blue.  I haven't listed the blue set to my shop yet, but will soon.  I do have some of the brown plates shown below in my English Transferware

Transferware Advertising Collection ~ French Mustard Pot

A couple of weeks back I posted about advertising on transferware .  I mentioned my French mustard pot and thought I'd show it to you especially since everything and anything 'French' is so in right now.  It is the real deal...dug from an old dump site in England and shipped to me.   It dates to the early 1900's.  It cost me $12 including shipping!  Some of these old transfer printed pieces, called advertising wares, are very collectible and often quite expensive.  I know I got a good deal.  I have it displayed on my cheese slab along with an Aesthetic movement vase, a transferware measuring spoon and our knife block.  I cut some fresh Rosemary and tucked it inside.  I generally collect only English transferware.   This is the second piece of French transferware I've had.  I have one German piece.  I suppose I am a transferware snob because I collect only vintage or antique pieces.  Did you know that until recent years over 90% of all transferware made was produc