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Sweater Weather has Arrived, Beautiful Fall Transferware & Winner

As I walked out of the bedroom this morning, still a little groggy having just awakened, and into the family room I could feel a brisk nip in the air and I thought to myself, "it's finally sweater weather".  Simultaneously having that thought I pumped my fist, pulling it towards myself, with that motion which only can be construed as a very happy "Yesssss"!  We opened all the windows and let the house air to the point of it being cold inside.  Yessss again I say.  It's been a little cool all day, overcast and lightly raining.  Fall is in the air and it is filling my home.   It's no secret that I'm partial to colder weather than to the heat and humidity that Oklahoma summers deliver.  I'd take snow and mountains over the water and a sandy beach any day.  I know a lot of you would disagree with me and that's okay.   My thinking is that  we can always cover up or add a sweater in the colder temperatures but in the heat it's not li

First Signs of Fall in The Family Room & An Easy Natural Arrangement

I pretty much spent my weekend in decorating mode, and well, my pajamas!  I've been hanging plates (I know that must come as a real shock to you guys), creating vignettes around the house, tending to my hubby who isn't feeling well and I made up a great Mexican rice / chicken dish that I'm going to share soon because everyone here love, love, loved it, so much so that we're having it again tonight!  lol I've been seeing Fall decor popping up all over blogland and every where else so I decided to get in on the action and pull just a few things out that I could easily get to.   My sister, Lauri, and I are both October babies and we share a love of the entire Autumn season and all that it encompasses; from the cool, crisp sweater weather, crunchy orange, brown and golden leaves below our feet, the sweet aromas of cinnamon spiced candles wafting through the house and, yes, Halloween!  Several years ago she gave me this cute pumpkin candle holder