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Antique Dairy Slabs ~ Goodbye Cheese, Bonjour Fromages

Several weeks ago I got an email from a woman in England who specializes in antique kitchenalia.  She had asked me about the cheese slab she'd seen in a post I did a few years ago ( HERE ) and asked if I'd be willing to sell it.  As I was reading her message I was thinking to myself that there was no way I was going to sell my cheese slab.   But then, as I continued to read her email, she made me an offer right then and there for my cheese slab which had me  looking like this: As you may surmise, it was an offer I could not refuse. Mikki  said she'd been looking for a cheese slab for her own home because her kitchen was being featured in a national magazine (in the UK) and she'd hoped to have it in time for the photo shoot. Within 24 hours I'd received her offer, accepted it, sent her an invoice, she paid for it and off to Norfolk my (her) cheese slab traveled. Goodbye Cheese  The space where I'd kept the slab next to the sto