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Romantic England ~ Purple Transferware Tablescape

Does anyone else out there have it bad for purple?  I do, especially when it's purple transferware .  Tonight I'm setting the table with J & G Meakin's Romantic England in purple.  First, I'll tell you a little about this firm and the brothers who operated it.  J & G stands for James and George, the eldest of four Meakin brothers, all who were famous potters, and all the sons of James Meakin, a potter himself.  When James Sr. fell ill, the two eldest boys succeeded him in his pottery business and thus formed J & G Meakin in 1851.  Within about a year their father had died and the boys moved the factory to a new location in Hanley where they remained for 7 years.  The brothers were quick to realize the potential in the export market so George went to the United States to set up the sales market while James remained in England to manage the pottery works and logistics.  This lead to much success, so much that a new factory was built on the side of the Caldon

My Canine Collection

My sister teases me because I have a collection of vintage dog figurines and paintings, though I don't have a 'real' dog.  I have several small, vintage dog figurines, mostly Lefton and a few Royal Doulton that I display in my office/sitting room on tables topped with antique Spode transferware meat drainers.     I found two more little dogs to add to my collection this week.   Below is the table to the left of the sofa  And these little guys are on the table to the right of the sofa Displaying like items in a grouping makes a big impact.  Did you know that if you have three or more of anything it is a collection? I have a few other dog related items in this room too. Hanging above each of the side tables are two oil paintings of dogs.  One is a Yorkshire terrier that reminds us of our little Yorkie, Penelope, which we gave to Shawn's sister when we moved to Colorado a few years ago.   I have to admit our Penelley (I have nicknames for dogs too) wasn't groomed t