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Red Transferware and Snowflakes Christmas Hutch, a Winner and Decorating Motivation...or Not

I know you've seen my kitchen hutch a bazillion times but for what it's worth, here it is decorated for Christmas 2012.  Snowflakes are a recurring theme in my Christmas decor this year, especially here on my breakfast room hutch which is chock full of red transferware . This antique lace piece that hangs over the top of our hutch has always reminded me of snowflakes.  Now especially. I like to tuck little bits of Christmas amongst the hutch, in the pitchers, ladles and teacups, like this bottle brush tree set amidst pinecones and faux snow... ...and this glass bird ornament with a pheasant feather tail nesting in the recess of a soup ladle... pinecones nestled into and amongst the red transferware creamers... ...or just a lone little snowflake resting atop a small pitcher. I like seeing Santa in a suit of snow white.   With Etsy being here to film during October,  I never really got to decorate for Fall like I&