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How To Hang a 20" Platter

I have been asked how to hang an 18-23" platter and today have quickly decided to show you what I do and recommend to my clients. First, obviously, choose your platter.   I've chosen this Spode Byron platter because I've been working on a wallscape since this will be one of the patterns I plan to talk about when Etsy is here filming the documentary next week.  Look at my floor! For such a large piece you will want to use two of the largest, #5  disc hangers  available HERE .  These are for sale in my shop, as well as four smaller sizes.  Email me if you need several sizes including the  smaller ones and I will create a custom listing for you. Remove from the cardboard hangers and follow directions on the back, which tell you to wet the back of the disc and allow it to set for about five minutes.  This allows the glue to become tacky.  After five minutes have passed and you can see that the glue has gotten tacky (it will appear somewh

Getting Ready for Etsy to Arrive + School's Back In Session ~

Since school is back in session so is transferware edification but because I am one of the cool teachers that allows you to eat and drink in my class, go grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, soda or alcohol (not too much now)...whatever it is that pleases your palate before we begin.  As I've been readying myself by crying, saying prayers of thanks, pulling plates, stressing, saying prayers of thanks, smiling without realizing it, hanging plates, losing sleep, cleaning, acting giddy, saying more prayers of thanks, trying real hard not to clean and organize my packing area as instructed, brushing up on transferware facts and repeating the aforementioned for Etsy to be here filming next week I had to put my coffee table back together as I'd been in the process of rearranging it when all of this came about.  Everything that had been on the table has been on my living room floor for days.  Tara Young told me in a message yesterday that Etsy will be pitching my story to s