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Halloween Dinner Party Tablescape

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today and was going through some of my past posts.  I decided to share an old post today as Halloween is just a couple of days away.   On Halloween the thing you must do Is pretend that nothing can frighten you   And if something scares you and you want to run  Just let on like it's Halloween fun.  ~Author Unknown~ Dinner will be served in the dining room this evening by my friend, Bonehead Bob.  Come on in, pull up a chair and dig right in...if you dare. On the menu we'll be having Cranial Crunch, Bob's specialty stew he simmers for two weeks in a Cauldron of fresh let blood given to him by his Grandmother back in 1644.  Bonehead Bob helped me set the table.  We began with these black Heritage Lace placemats. We layered them over white dinner napkins, placed at an angle, so the scene on them would really stand out. As Bob has carefully planned our evening, he has opted for non tradition