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Corn and Onion Casserole

It seems you hate it or you love it; Traditional Thanksgiving dressing that is.   Shawn doesn't do stuffing.  I do. And we both do Corn and Onion casserole.  My corn and onion casserole is the alternative for those of you who don't care for stuffing, and for those of you who do then make room on your plate for this because you're going to love it as much as we do and it may just make it to your list of 'must have' dishes for Thanksgiving.  My Mom and my brother David make the best stuffing, completely homemade from Stove Top in my fam!    I've never made stuffing myself, as I figure "why should I?" when they make it so well, but several years back I decided to try something different that would still compliment the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.   This recipe comes from The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook Volume 1,   one of my all time favorite cookbooks.  I have both the 1st and 2nd volumes of this book

Thanksgiving Table Setting w/ Black Turkey Plates

Black isn't a color you see mixed with traditonal Autumn colors very often but in the case of these turkey transferware plates by  W. R. Midwinter I think they beckon to be used with amber, brown, gold, and shades of orange or red.   So that's just what I did. I received so many compliments on the raffia I used in THIS tablescape, that I decided it would be nice to add some under these plates as well.  I did use placemats, however I flipped them over because they are beaded which I felt did not work with the plates...however the felted backs are black and provided an anchor for the plates to really stand out against. I created a simple centerpiece that runs the length of the table by winding a garland of Fall leaves around several pillar candles .  I tucked a few berries in here and there and interspersed throughout with tealight candles in red glass holders.  This was cheap...about $5 for the garland, and honestly you could  gather real leaves and it woul