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Coffee Butter Crunch Pie

I promised to share this recipe in May and I know a few of you have written and asked me to share it...well, finally, here it is.  Of all the desserts I prepared for the dessert buffet at Jonah's Graduation party, this was the favorite by far.  In fact, it's been requested a few times since then.   The crust is like a gourmet cookie, the filling is a rich, silky smooth melt in your mouth blend of butter, chocolate and coffee and it's finished off with fluffy coffee flavored whipped cream and topped with chocolate curls.  Decadent and delicioso! Freezes beautifully.  In fact, Trevor just pulled the last pie out of the freezer today as I'd made some extras for the party.   I opted to make these in Wilton's round cake pans rather than pie pans so they'd have a flat crust with no sides.  The crust is thick and I don't think it needs it at the sides...just my opinion.   My other opinion is that it looks prettier this way, but honestly...once you t