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Windsor Fruit Fall Tablescape

I have had bloggers block for the past two weeks! ;-)  I do have lots of projects and things to share but simply haven't been able to get to them.  I never want to blog because I feel I have to, so when I'm not around it's usually because I'm busy with my family, and they are always first to me.  My two oldest boys, Michael and Ethan, moved back in with us for a while and we've been re-arranging and sorting through their things, deciding which of them they want to keep here and which they'll keep in storage temporarily until they move into their own place again.  Many trips to and from their storage unit have been made! One of the patterns I have been waiting to use in a table setting this Fall is this Windsor Fruit pattern by Johnson Brothers.   The pattern is a melange of hand painted fruits and flowers.  Windsor Fruit is often confused with Harvest , below, which has a more elaborately detailed border.   The shapes of the plates are also di