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Rustic Thanksgiving Table w/ Clarice Cliff Autumn Foliage Turkey Plates

This table actually began with the Etsy filming done here at my home.  It started out more spartan because Tara Young wanted the turkey plates to really stand alone since, after all, the documentary is more about the transferware than table settings. all know me....I don't do 'minimalist' too well so after they left I went to changing up the table.  I added this, and added that, and added those....   I changed this table three different times after the filming ended so you'll probably see glimpses of them all! Starring at the table are these highly collected turkey plates by Clarice Cliff  of Royal Staffordshire.  This pattern is commonly called Autumn Foliage for the beautiful border that frames the turkey.      Here's a funny story about these very plates.  I bought six of these plates from a lady who bought them from a dealer for $295 EACH (yes $295 each) that I sold to the dealer for $150 each just five or six years ago.  Now th

Poppy Sesame Vinaigrette Tossed with Greens, Cranberries, Chicken and More!

This salad has quickly become a favorite around here.    It's now my go to salad when I am asked to bring a salad to any kind of get together.  I serve it with pan roasted chicken as a meal in itself.  It really is as good as it looks.   And, it looks even better served in Tonquin purple transferware salad bowls . The vinaigrette is gorgeous by itself.   After several experiments this is what I came up with that my entire family really likes.   Look.  After it settles, it separates and looks like this....pretty enough to give as a gift, don't you think?   Just shake it well to blend before serving.  The last batch of this I made, we used up over about a month and the flavor remained consistent.  So, if you're wondering about shelf least a month but I would think maybe longer since it contains vinegar.  I do keep it refrigerated. On a serious note, I've discovered that Trevor has a serious drinking problem....drinking dressing that