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An Apple Unpicked ~ Harvest Time Tablescape

An Apple Unpicked I took ride upon the tractor, Bushel at my breast Through fields of amber, Past the birds empty nest. On through leaves of crimson, I arrived to look down the lane Where apples should be upon the trees But already had been slain I could see no fruit was there, Not one apple in the trees I just stood there...still, and quiet, Listening to the buzzing bees Never did I pluck from the tree A singe fruit, round and red, Only of the ground I lifted An apple bruised and fallen dead. Never I got what I thought, To pick my apple from the tree, To taste a bite, deliciously ripe- The experience was not meant for me. Nancy M Roberts © 2002 Tonights tablescape features guess what????? Apples!  Harvest Time.  I know, the poem is a little depressing but hopefully the table will cheer you up! ;-) Harvest Plates, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Soup Bowls and more are availalbe in my Etsy shop or click HERE : Flatware is available by special order- $67