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Pretty in Pink Cake with Strawberry Curd Filling and Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing

Tis the season for strawberries!   My Strawberry O marvel, fruit of fruits, I pause To reckon thee. I ask what cause Set free so much of red from heats At core of earth, and mixed such sweets With sour and spice: what was that strength Which out of darkness, length by length, Spun all thy shining thread of vine, Netting the fields in bond as thine. I see thy tendrils drink by sips From grass and clover's smiling lips; I hear thy roots dig down for wells, Tapping the meadow's hidden cells. Whole generations of green things, Descended from long lines of springs, I see make room for thee to bide A quiet comrade by their side; I see the creeping peoples go Mysterious journeys to and fro, Treading to right and left of thee, Doing thee homage wonderingly. I see the wild bees as they fare, Thy cups of honey drink, but spare. I mark thee bathe and bathe again In sweet unclaendared spring rain. I watch how all May has of sun Makes haste to have thy ripeness do

Great Wall of China

Need I say more? Joining Blue Monday at  Smiling Sally Kim at Savvy Southern Style