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Halloween Tablescape & Decor

This is a post from last year with a few photos added! I haven't found all of my Halloween decor.  I think some of it is packed high on an out of reach shelf in the garage. I did hang this giant spider from my entry way light fixture.   Another fuzzy fellow found his way to one of the lampshades, and you can see Bonehead Bob, our dinner host, in the photo above. Dinner will be served in the dining room this evening by my friend, Bonehead Bob.  Come on in, pull up a chair and dig right in...if you dare. On tonights menu we'll be having Cranial Crunch, Bob's specialty stew he simmers for two weeks in a Cauldron given to him by his Grandmother back in 1644.    Bonehead Bob helped me set the table.  We began with these black Heritage Lace placemats. We layered them over white dinner napkins, placed at an angle, so the scene on the placemats would really show up. As Bob has carefully planned our

Featured in Romantic Homes Magazine & a Blue Transferware Turkey Platter

Normally I wouldn't say much, if anything, about my birthday but this time I'm making an exception.  My birthday was yesterday and I   got a very special gift, being a 3 page article in Romantic Homes magazine. About 6 weeks ago I was contacted by one of the editors of Romantic Homes magazine, Meryl Schoenbaum, regarding an article on turkey platters and transfer ware.   We conversed over the phone and via email several times.  I sent  a few photos of some of my favorite transferware platters that are currently for sale in my online shop and some historical information and facts about the turkey wares.   I had not heard much else but knew that the article was to be published in Romantic Homes November 2011 issue.   Shawn has gone to the store every morning and evening for several days waiting for the distributor to re-stock the shelves with current issues.  He's been like a little boy waiting for Christmas regarding this article.   Yesterday evening, as we w