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The Roberts depicted as Roosters (and hens, and chicks)

There's been so much 'clucking' around blog land about Bella Vista's Rooster party that I just had to participate. What fun!  This gave me that extra motivational push I needed to hang something in the laundry room I've wanted to hang for some time!  I've done a tablescape around a Rooster but first want to show off my favorite rooster item.  This is a painting my Mom did for me 10 years ago.  She painted this to fit in a special place in our previous house.  What's so special about it is that she represented my children, husband and our home in the painting.  We have six children, four boys and two girls.  Mom depicted the Hen with four chicks (our four boys)  on the left and the Rooster with two chicks (our two girls) on the right.  A close up of the boys and me :-) note the sign directing visitors to our house and Rooster Shawn and the girls ;-) That's our former house in the background...the kids and I miss that place! Now for some English tr

So, you think you know the whole orign of transferware story? & A SALE!

A few of you have have asked me about the story of transferware so I'm reposting this article I published in my camera is broken so it will be a couple of days before I get it back from the shop!  Although John Brooks, an Irish engraver is credited with having the first patent for the transferware printing technique in 1751, it was John Sadler and Guy Green of Liverpool, who independently discovered  the process, who are credited with perfecting the technique in 1756. If you’re a transferware buff, you may already have known this as the names John Sadler and Guy Green are often associated with the early onset of transfer printing. However, did you know just how Sadler and Green came up with the idea? Do you know their history? I bet you’d be amazed to know that Benjamin Franklin made claims to having his finger in the inventive pie of the transfer printing process. Interested? Well, read on. John Sadler was the son of Adam Sadler. Adam found himse