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Colcannon (Irish Potatoes)

Colcannon  is an Irish dish of boiled, mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale and flavored with leeks, shallots or onions, cream or milk and butter.  Not only is it delicious but it's a great way to get extra veggies in your diet.  If you're like me and still like to play with your food, you can shape it into four leaf clovers with the back of a teaspoon! It is wonderful served family style as well,   or topped with boneless, lightly breaded and fried pork chops.  We had this for dinner a little over a week ago and everyone loved it, except for Ashton.   I'm sure it would be perfect with corned beef! Colcannon is a word derived from the Gaelic cal ceannann' which literally means white headed cabbage.  Colcannon's earliest reference dates to 1735 when a William Bulkely of Bryndda made two trips to Dublin at that time.  The potato and cabbage dish was introduced to England in the 18th century and became a favorite among the upper c

My House Featured at No Minimalist Here

I wanted to let you all know that my house is being featured this week at No Minimalist Here .  Sherry mentions that we have lived here for less than a year, which is true.  For those of you new to my blog or coming over from No Minimalist Here, I thought I'd share a link to photos of the house as we found it HERE , and since  I haven't shown you this room yet I thought I'd post a few photos of the portion I can show right now.  The portion I can get to that is! =) This room has been taken over by Ethan temporarily, as he and Michael moved back in with us for a few months.  I won't show you more than this because it's consumed with his clothes and belongings piled in every corner and the couch he has made into his bed...until April 4th when he and Michael move back out!  This armoire/bookcase is a piece of furniture I have come to like more and more over the past couple of years.  This is one of my few Craigs List finds.  It's a true antique from France