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Nancy's Pink Coconut Punch

Have I ever told you all that two of our six kids have the same birthday?  Well, they do. And no, they are not twins.  Ethan was born August 6th, 1991 and Trevor was born the same day, five years later.  Ethan just turned 19 and Trevor, 14.   We always fix the kids their favorite meals for them on their birthdays and sometimes we go out to dinner instead (I still fix their favorite meal a few days later).  This year we took the family out to dinner and the boys chose Osaka, which is a Japanese steak house where a trained to do tricks with utensils chef prepares your meal on a large Hibachi grill at your table.  Recently, Osaka opened another restaurant here and we'd been wanting to try it out.  If you're in Tulsa, and like sushi or hibachi steak, this is a must place to dine.  It's beautifully decorated, and the food, including a full sushi bar, is great.   We've dined at Japanese Steak houses for years and once took Michael, our oldest,  along with 8 or 9 of his fr

Antlers on the walls

  Antlers aren't just for cabins.  They have found their way into contemporary and Old World designs alike. I've admired trophy mounted antlers for some time as decorative wall accents and recently took the plunge into the world of decorating with them. Check out these great rooms by some of the world's best designers who've used antlers in their homes and homes they've decorated. Below, a paneled wall houses a pair of antlers on either side of an antique oil painting over a French chest in an entry hall.   See the antlers over the arched wall to the right of this pic?   2 pics below: Charles Faudree uses antlers in some of his fantastic French Country designs, including his own home.  One of my favorite things, English transferware, combined with roe deer antlers  Tracy Porters take on antlers As seen in Country Living, this antler collection hangs over a Victorian burled wood bureau. Antlers find their way around the bedroom walls of a turret A m

Shaping up the Shop & a GIVEAWAY!

A few months ago I showed a few pics of our shop/warehouse.  It is an old building in need of lots of tlc.  The building was once a T G & Y store for those of you who might remember that discount chain, similar to Walmart before the SuperCenters.   The building has changed hands several times and was last an antique mall with individual booths inside.  Some walls were put up which made three rooms across the front of the building.  One is a large room that customers enter into.  To the right of this is a small room I have painted and papered using leftovers from my house. This is picture of the wall shown above with the paper and drapes, before doing anything.  The whole building looks like this inside!!! I painted the side walls.  The light fixture attached to the wall wasn't needed so it's been disconnected but kept in place.  I saved the toile drapes I designed and had custom made for our old house.  They are attached to a board and hung with 'L' brackets  p