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Showing posts from December 14, 2014

My Country Christmas Tablescape in a 6 page Magazine Layout!

I gotta admit, it's a pretty cool feeling to open a magazine and see my tablescape, my pictures and my article featured in a 6 page layout….   …and see my name listed as a contributor inside the cover. Yep, Pretty cool indeed! Not long ago the editor of Creating Vintage Charm, Sonia Crouse, spotted a Fall tablescape I had posted to my Instagram feed and contacted me asking if I'd be interested in submitting it for their December/Christmas issue.   You all may remember the table as it's been a popular one on my blog.   You can find the original table setting  HERE I told Sonia that I could recreate the table for Christmas with a few minor adjustments.   Do you notice any of them?  In the original table setting I had only the bubble glass tumblers.  In the Christmas version I added vintage Snowflake iced tea glasses and used them right alongside the new bubble glasses. I have a few sets of the bubble tumblers for sale in my online sh

My Christmas Entryway & Transferware Pitcher Wreath

This is the first year ever that I had most of my Christmas decor up before Thanksgiving and guess what?  I'm still not ready for Christmas.  Are you?   I do have some  shopping finished, but I haven't yet wrapped a single gift.  Lots to do, lots to do! I am going to try to get a few Christmas posts in as I have snapped a lot of photos here and there around the house.  I thought I'd start at the front of the house.  This is our entryway.  Come on in! As you likely can surmise, I decorate with transferware at Christmas time too!  Each year I put together a little wreath with some of my small, individual sized creamers.   This wreath is so easy to assemble.  I put it together after I hung it up and it's all removable…nothing is permanently attached.  You could make something similar with tea cups or creamers if you wanted.    The creamers are all attached by pulling a single stem through the handle and securely twisting it around itself.  If