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Teeth Care Meets Transferware (Pot Lids)

Pot lids are the lids or covers of small pottery jars which were used to hold a variety of products.  Often, they were decorated using the transfer printing process , and though quite laborious by today's standards, it was much faster than the previous method of hand lettering  or pasting a hand written paper label on the sides of the pots (jars) to describe the contents within. These enchanting little transfer printed pottery jars were produced mainly between 1840-1910, after which they became obsolete, due to less expensive, mass marketing methods using tubes and plastics.  During the era of pot lids, c ontainers in all different shapes, though mainly round, and with all kinds of advertising and graphics, as well as pictorial images, to increase public appeal were made. The marketed products were substances which came in a paste or hardened cake form. The gamut of products sold in the little jars consists of facial cold creams, shaving cream, ointments believed to hav

Baked Fudge~ The Best Chocolate Dessert Ever

This will be a hit everytime you serve it.  I've been making this for years and it's a homerun, every single time.    It is so darn good!  I am eating leftovers as I type this out and I think we may need another batch at my house tonight.  It's like a mix of hot fudge sauce, super gooey, rich chocolate cake, and brownie batter...which I admit I like better than brownies.  Baked Fudge is hard to describe really, other than to say that just one serving is usually not enough!     ... And, it is super easy to make...just be sure to do the IMPORTANT step! Baked Fudge 4 eggs 2 cups sugar 1 cup butter, melted 1/2 cup flower 1/2 cup cocoa 1 cup chopped nuts (optional...I use walnuts) 2 tsp vanilla  Ok, I used pecans this time, took a vote here and decided we prefer the walnuts...just our opinion. Cream eggs and sugar Add melted butter. Blend. Add cocoa and four.  Blend. Stir in nuts and vanilla. Pour into greased 9 x 9 pan.  IMPORTANT:  Place pan in an

A Little Snow = Hot Cocoa (Served in Transferware Steins)

 Hot chocolate is your comforting friend when it's 14 degrees outside! Creamy Cocoa for when it's so Cocoa cold~ Makes four servings 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 cup white sugar 1 pinch salt 1/3 cup boiling water 3 1/2 cups milk 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup half-and-half cream Combine the cocoa, sugar and pinch of salt in a saucepan.  Blend in the boiling water.  Bring this mixture to a slow boil and stir constantly. Simmer, while stirring, for about 2 minutes. Stir in 3 1/2 cups of milk and heat until very hot.  Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla.  Stir in1/2 and 1/2.  Top with whipping cream and a dash of cinnamon sugar.  Crushed peppermint makes a yummy topping too! Mmmmmmm These vintage transferware steins have been our fave hot chocolate mugs for years.  There are six colors: green , blue , purple , brown , black and red , one for each of my kids. ;-)  Each of the Royal Staffordshire stein features an English castle depicti