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Happy Halloween and Sweet 16!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the entire Roberts crew…and Bonehead Bob too! Last night we celebrated Ashton's Sweet 16.  I still remember being in the hospital on Halloween night, after giving birth to Ashton, and my sister and brother in law bringing our 5 other children up to meet their new baby sister and to trick or treat at my room.  I had made a treat bag for each of the kids and stuffed them full of candy and a Beanie Baby (are those still popular???) for each of our kids.   I know we all say and think this as our children grow;  I cannot help but to think back to being just 30 years old with 6 children ages 8 and below and pondering how quickly the years have passed by. (baby Ashton) (HAPPY SWEET 16!!!) I also wonder where I went wrong as a parent…. Meet Camila and you already know Trevor…or should I say meet Cameron and you already know Trevalina ?