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Writing Abode

Writing Abode I set out for a traipse Through woodland of the green To take a breath of purest air To renew my senses keen Enjoying was I my little stroll When the thicket I came upon Gave way to scarcely a path Beckoning me to continue on I followed minutely a trail Which lead me to this place Where a quaint little cottage Had grown flowers as her face She stood rather small And wore a hat of mossy thatch Lined with ribbon about the brim That lead to a pond of rainwater catch Morning glory enshrouded glass eyes In dark I know must glow Had I not looked for them I fear that they would never show Her mouth was of the deepest red Where the antique rose now grows And above it there, entwined by ivy A wreath grew gaily as her nose I stepped back and looked once more Into those eyes of glory growing blue Their temptation proved far too much So I fulfilled my desire to peer on through I could see small lamps were lit Casting warmth of

Nancy's Alfredo Sauce w/ Bread sticks in a bucket

I'm hosting a $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway HERE This is another meal that is one of our family favorites. Michael requests my Alfredo each year for his birthday, and several times in between! Shawn usually grills chicken and/or shrimp and grills red peppers to. I steam broccoli and we serve them all with the Alfredo sauce over fettuccine noodles. You can serve this as a sauce over pasta dish to. On this occasion it was storming so we opted to brown the chicken in a sauce pan. I'll just give you all the sauce recipe and you can add whatever meat or veggies you want.  It's yumalicious! Nancy's Homemade Alfredo Sauce 1 stick butter 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 package (softened) 12 oz. fresh shredded parmesan cheese 4 cups half and half garlic powder (about 2 tsp or to taste) nutmeg (a generous dash)...optional  Fresh cracked pepper to taste Add butter to saucepan and melt over low heat.  Add cream cheese and mash up lumps.  Add parmesan and stir.  Add half and h

Bird Cage & Transferware Tablescape

 Don't forget to enter my $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway HERE  This table and tablescape was so fun to create!  I'll post about this unique table in a few days but am sharing my tablescape tonight.  Some of my favorite decorative things are birds, some of my favorite things, as you all know, is transferware and my favorite flowering bush is the hydrangea.   It was so fun creating a table with all three motif's. The bird cage top is removable to I laid a sheer window curtain across the's a pretty teal green with olive leaves and pink and periwinkle hydrangeas.  I used to have this in my bathroom about 10 years ago.  I have a serious issue with getting rid of things.  I do try...but it doesn't always work out that way, for me.  I did give away some of the matching panels but I held on to this for some reason...and now I'm wishing I had them all! ;-)    Anyway, the window sheer was the perfect thing to bring these pieces together for a pretty Spr