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A Giveaway at Vignette Design & Gorgeous Transferware Table Settings

I am guessing that many of you already know Delores, at Vignette Design , but if not, I am honored to make the introduction for you.  I 'met' Delores at least 10 years ago via Ebay,  around the time I first began selling English transferware.  She was one of my first customers and we then reconnected years later through blogging.  In fact, I think we followed each others blogs and then realized we already had a connection!   We are both lovers and collectors of transferware ! Delores has been kind of enough to host a giveaway on her blog to my shop, Nancy's Daily Dish , so I hope you will go visit and enter to win a $50 gift card.    She has one of the most absolutely stunning homes with breathtaking, wine country views from the comfort of her back yard, and is an excellent decorator and tablescaper….one of my very, very favorites in all of blogland.  I can (do) spend hours perusing her blog posts like I'm thumbing through pages of one of my favorite magazine

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Do you remember, back in November or so, me saying that I might be working on a project that would keep me super busy through the end of the year and that I had a meeting with some VIP's? Well, the project has come and gone and it did keep me busy and my house looking like a shipping and receiving center.   It was a little mysterious and a little hush hush but the cat's now out of the bag. Do you think you know what a contortionist acrobat, © Erik Kabik and five thousand dollar Caviar, © Erik Kabik have anything to do with brothers tap dancing on a bar? © Erik Kabik You'll  have to step behind the doors that lie behind the doors of this venue, To see what is offered on this wax sealed menu. You might find delicacies like Beef Wellington in a pastry puffed atrium and edible plants and edible dirt which are dessert; aka a terrarium. You might take in champagne poured by celebrities, © Erik Kabik or perhaps Ben