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Sunrise Sees A New Year Born

New Year's Morning ~Helen Hunt Jackson~ Only a night, from old to new! Only a night, and so much wrought!  The Old Year’s heart all weary grew, But said: “The New Year rest has brought.” The Old Year’s hopes its heart laid down, As in a grave; but trusting, said:  “The blossoms of the New Year’s crown Bloom from the ashes of the dead.” The Old Year’s heart was full of greed; With selfishness it longed and ached,  And cried: “I have not half I need. My thirst is bitter and unslaked. But to the New Year’s generous hand All gifts in plenty shall return;  True love it shall understand; By all my failures it shall learn. I have been reckless; it shall be Quiet and calm and pure of life.  I was a slave; it shall go free, And find sweet peace where I leave strife.” Only a night from old to new! Never a night such changes brought.  The Old Year had its work to do; No New Year miracles are wrought. Always a

Bierocks (Sausage & Beef Stuffed Pastry)

  Bierocks (also called Runza) are meat-filled pocket pastries originating in Germany or Russia.  The recipe was brought to the United States in the 1880s by German Russian Mennonite immigrants.  They are filled with cooked and seasoned ground beef, shredded cabbage and onions, then oven baked until the dough is golden brown. I make these every year at Christmas time and usually once or twice during the year as a meal with a side salad.  They are hearty and delish!   They are good with a little ranch, sour cream or salsa on the side but equally good as stand alone hor'douvres or sandwiches. Sometimes I make them as individual, appetizer sized rolls and top them with a little parsley. and sometimes I make them into a huge loaf and slice into sandwich sized servings. Bierocks (also called Runza) 1 lb Ground chuck 1 lb Hot Pork Sausage (I usually use Owens) 1 lb Shredded Cabbage ( I use a bag of coleslaw that has carrots and red cabbage) 2 cups sharp Cheddar Chees

Spode Copeland Duncan Rural Scenes Brown & White Tablescape

I love talking about this particular Spode pattern as not only am I drawn to the rural scenes each piece depicts but it has an interesting story behind it.  It is called Duncan Scenes , Duncan Scenes Brown, Rural Scenes (most common) or Priscilla Alden.   In 1849 W. T. Copeland (Spode Copeland) commissioned Edward Duncan to paint a series of sepia watercolors, depicting English country life, which would extensively inspire a full range of tablewares.  The design was registered in 1850.  In 1878 production grew limited.  Duncan scenes was printed in brown on a cream body earthenware.  The shape was called Amien Embossed which featured Gadroon rims.   A service was retained by the Copeland family as part of their private collection / dinner service and later passed to descendant Robert Copeland.  I have some of these same pieces in my collection and shop .   I've set a table for two using dinner plates, soup plates, dessert plates and small bowls.  Each piec

Christmas All Year Long ~ Home Tour

  A quick look around the house before I start to put all the Christmas decorations away, which I'm not quite ready to do.  I feel like I just got it all put up. Dining Room  Transferware Teacup Tree (full post HERE )   Breakfast Nook    Kitchen  Family Room Grandma Judy added this newest nutcracker to the collection...just for Trevalina you see the resemblance?  Hallway Nook  Powder Room v I used snowflakes home and at the shop.    Office Banister and Entry Master Bath Christmas Eve...nothing like waking up to a flooded floor, and a clogged drain to find you have no use of the kitchen sink.  No problem when you're having only 30 people in the house! AGH! Michael, Bryan and Shawn worked on getting it unclogged until almost 3 a.m.  We survived the night, with all of our guests, and no use of the kitchen sink!   Thank goodness for paper plates and plastic cups! The kids playing a game of Risk on Ch