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Should I Have Rather Been A Poem?

Should I have rather been a poem, Whose language does flow so sweet Or, whose words did touch a soul so deep? Should I have rather been a poem, Whose birth did make is writer cry, Or, whose sorrow did make another sigh? Should I have rather been a poem Whose humor makes one laugh like a clown, Or, whose anger turns a smile upside down? Should I have rather been a poem, Whose anguish brings tears to a readers eyes Or, whose message held in it a hidden surprise? Should I have rather been a poem, Whose pain can make else's drift away, Or whose journey seeks refuge in another day? Should I have rather been a poem Whose suggestive power forces a spirit to move, Or, whose diction will heal and soothe? Should I have rather been a poem- A poem who has not one of these to call its own? I shall not rather be a poem, For its beauty, to me, would never be known.  ©2000 Nancy M Roberts Joining: Under the Table and Dreamin

Marilyn's Peanut Butter Balls & Jonah's Graduation

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.   Friday night was Jonah's graduation and Saturday night we hosted a party at our house in his honor.   As evidenced in the photo below,  Jonah really stands out in a crowd.   See him with his cap and gown on?  He graduated along with another 1100 kids and it was an almost 4 hour long ceremony.  After graduation his senior class went to an all night lock in party at a local pizza / game parlor.   He came home and slept a few hours and then it was time to get ready for the party. As usual I didn't use a traditional tablecloth at the table.   Jonah's graduation gown became the tablecloth and his cap and tassel crowned a tiered  plate stand.   I kept everything black and red, Jonah's school colors and used several transferware platters in both colors. We had a chocolate dessert bar.  Shhh, don't tell, but I let Trevor skip school and help me make the desserts.  He helped Grandma Marilyn (my Mom)