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Showing posts from March 20, 2016

March Madness isn't just for the Guys SALE!

Just in case you aren't receiving emails from my store directly, I wanted my blog readers to know about my current sale! Save 20% now off anything and everything at    Nancy's Daily Dish ! Is hubby driving you nuts with all the non-stop NCAA basketball this time of year?  Regain your sanity by heading over to my online shop and finding something you just can't live without.  Tell your other half he can pay for it to  even the score  and that you'll save 20% off any purchase.  The March Madness sale only lasts for a limited time, so don't miss it! Use the code  MarchMadness   at checkout. And checkout all the Spring arrivals in every transferware color available! See the treasures hopping in daily!

Nancy's Pistachio Almond Cake w/ Blackberry Filling & Pistachio Cream Cheese Frosting

Yesterday I was talking with Trevor and he made me aware of the fact that Easter was on March 27th this year.  My mouth opened a mile wide as I had no idea it was coming up so soon.  He then proceeded to inform me that I needed to "really get with the program and get to work on an Easter table, especially one for the blog".  He gave a little head shake and eye roll and then walked away.   "Hmm....well", I thought to myself as I repeated the head gesture and eye rolling back at him.  I can do a tablescape (and hopefully will) but it just so turns out that I do happen to have in mind a dessert to post for Easter  and I took photos way back last Summer.  So there, Trevor! lol! I made this cake recipe up last Summer using a cake and pudding mix I had on hand and then took it to my sisters house for a family gathering.  It looked beautiful with the pale green frosting complimenting the fresh, deep purple blackberries and of course the purple transferwa