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The Circus, the Opera & Transferware....huh?

A little over a year ago I was asked to speak to a local antiques club on transferware. I had never done this, not even entertained this idea and, being a little shy, I very well may have declined the request or at least asked if I might be able to think about it…but…Shawn was standing right there and before I could open my mouth, he cheerfully opened his and replied, “Sure, she would love to”! AHHHHHHH!!!! At that moment I was having serious doubts about his future existence on this earth but then decided I’d better quickly compose myself and converse a little with this nice lady who had come in and asked that I speak to her club. For me, the thought of standing in front of a group of women, all eyes on me, talking about a subject I liked, but  didn’t know if any of them would even be interested in, left me feeling overwrought. However, I agreed, somewhat reluctantly…and in addition to the speech, I even offered to host the event at my shop! Talk about digging myself a hole! I steppe

So, you think know the whole origin of transferware story?

Although John Brooks, an Irish engraver is credited with having the first patent for the transferware printing technique in 1751, it was John Sadler and Guy Green of Liverpool, who independently discovered  the process, who are credited with perfecting the technique in 1756. If you’re a transferware buff, you may already have known this as the names John Sadler and Guy Green are often associated with the early onset of transfer printing. However, did you know just how Sadler and Green came up with the idea? Do you know their history? I bet you’d be amazed to know that Benjamin Franklin made claims to having his finger in the inventive pie of the transfer printing process. Interested? Well, read on. John Sadler was the son of Adam Sadler. Adam found himself interested in the typographical arts while being quartered with a printer when serving his time as a soldier during the wars in the Low Countries. After his active duty, Adam Sadler married a Miss Bibby and shortly thereafter open

Happy Valentines Day

Shawn and I are celebrating Valentines Day at home with our six children tonight.  I'm setting the table now with, guess what?  Red and pink transferware.  I love to mix and match so I'm using a different plate at each setting.  I'm showing the Tonquin pattern below. I used my Kings Ware Thumbprint glasses with cranberry trim and some handmade linens I purchased overseas.  I just love the napkins with their lace trim and embroidered pink flowers.  My sweet Trevor gave me the pretty pink carnation~  I like to put little treats around the table  for my kids so tonight I've placed a vintage transferware egg cup that I filled  with chocolates and mints by each of the settings.  Nuts, mints or small flowers could be used as well.  My Mother-in-law gave me the red heart candleholder last year and I thought it looked so pretty here. I'm all about using things I've already got, so for my centerpiece I used a candleabra stand th