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Hutch Decorated For Autumn w/ Brown Transferware Reveal

Day before yesterday I shared with you some pictures of my husband's childhood hutch / Welsh dresser that he had in his room as a boy and of an antique mantle piece we bought off Craigs List.  We decided to place the mantle on top of the dresser top to give it a different look and feel and I had asked you all about whether or not you think I should take the plunge to paint the two pieces to help 'marry' them. Thank you for all your suggestions, input and ideas! There's been a pretty even mix of yay's and nay's about painting the pieces.   I'm still undecided about what I'll do... or not do and have been mulling it over for several years now!   ugh! Whenever I do make up my mind, I'll be sure to tell and show!    I also shared this sneak peek at how I'd dressed the pieces for Fall with brown transferware from my online shop.  Now for the reveal.  I hope you all like it!  I love brown transferware and thought it would be such

An Antique Mantle meets Shawns Childhood Hutch

You guys have seen this hutch many times throughout my blogging years... Christmas 2010 with brown polychrome transferware   Spring 2012 with Red transferware Christmas 2013 red transferware  ...but you've never  seen it naked.    Until now. (My cell phone doesn't count!)  This was Shawn's hutch he had in his room as a boy.  He and his brother shared a room and they each had one of these hutches standing back to back dividing their room.  When he brought it into our marriage it had Colonial shutter doors and white ceramic knobs.  I removed the doors and replaced the hardware with antique glass knobs and some brass pulls (though they definitely need an update again).   We've used the hutch constantly throughout our 30 years of marriage, usually as a place to display transferware and store table linens but when we moved to this house there wasn't an obvious perfect spot for it.  It's been out in the Sunroom, a  room we don't use all the tim