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1st Autumn Tablescape 2018 w/ Spode Byron

Hi everyone!  Well, it's sure been quite a while, hasn't it?   Your consistently inconsistent blogger here is back, at least for a few posts.    I hope you're all doing well and have happy, smiling faces!  Here in Tulsa, we had a few beautiful days just cool enough to know that Fall weather is on its way, so I decided to set the table with some of my favorite dishes, Spode Byron .   This tablescape really began with some roses I picked up at our local Sams Club.  I bought two bunches of them along with some carnations.  The edges of the roses are tinged with an orangey - burgundy color and are so striking. I couldn't resist them.   I love having fresh flowers in the house and being able to use them as props when taking pictures of items going in the it's a good way to justify buying them ;-).  Some of these pieces just came in and they look so pretty together with greens, browns and touches of burnt reds. I set the table with a lo