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VIP Meeting, Website Update, & $50 Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much to all of you who have shared your thoughts and ideas regarding my website, Nancy's Daily Dish and the updated logo.  Logo #2 was by far your favorite so I have added it to my blog today.   Nita, at Mod Vintage Life , suggested the logo not have a box around it at all and was nice enough to send me three samples without it so I'm considering that as well for my blog.  I liked all of the choices she offered.    Some of you also suggested a wish list for the site so that you can save and compare your favorite pieces.  I love that idea as well so Shawn worked on it all day long yesterday.  Your wishlist is my command!  Done.  Check it out.  You can now easily save your favorites by clicking the 'add to wishlist' button, located on the upper right side of the menu bar.   Very exciting too is that we've also updated the entire site, thanks to my niece, Tiffany, and added the new design and template.  The site looks completely different now, has a