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No Dumpster Diving Required

Several months back Shawn and Trevor came home from running an errand and told me they had a surprise for me to come and see.   I know these two guys pretty darn well and have to admit that it was with some reluctance that I agreed to follow them to the back entry of the house.  I anticipated all sorts of 'surprises' they might have conjured up but, after seeing what they had for me, to my  surprise, I was extra pleasantly surprised!  I was surprised that it really was a surprise for me and not them luring me into a prank.  Yippee! They brought me this coffee table! I asked them where they got it.   Shawn said that as they drove by the park down the road from our house they noticed this table sitting next to the trash cans.  He and Trevor looked at each other as they passed it by and they said to one another, "Should we go back and get that for Mom?"  They know me pretty darn well too.  They turned around and headed back to the park to get the table