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A Fall Tablescape with Blue Transferware and a Poem of Mine

   Recently I received a question about a Fall tablescape using blue dishes.  I put this setting together for Garden of Daisies I hope this gives you some ideas for combining your blue dishes with oranges and traditional Fall colors!  Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel so they are naturally complementary.  T he complement of each primary color (red, blue, or yellow) is basically the color made by mixing the other two which equals: red complements green (blue and yellow combined) blue complements orange (red and yellow combined) yellow complements violet (red + blue combined)   If you follow my blog then you probably know I love layering and using a combination of materials and textures in my tablescapes and decorating.  I chose a miniature Persian rug on the table as it had a perfect combination of colors I was wanted to work with.    Royal Cauldon blue Polychrome transferware plates serve as chargers having a beautiful, solid off-white embossed border.  These were p